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Thornton Vocal Arts Spring '24

Lisa Sylvester, Chair

Thomas Michael Allen, Ken Cazan, Jeremy Frank. Lynn Helding, Elizabeth Hynes, Derrick Lawrence, Brent McMunn, Karen Parks, Patty Thom

Kyle Shafiee, Classical Division Manager and Vocal Arts Department Coordinator

Opera Program Personnel Spring '24

Music Director & Conductor

Resident Stage Director

Opera Program Manager

Opera Coordinator

Principal Coach

Opera Teaching Assistants

Rehearsal Pianists

Vocal Arts Outreach TA

Office and Production Assistant

Scheduling Assistant

Graphic Designer

Brent McMunn

Ken Cazan

Damien Elwood

Alec Fore

Mark Robson

Michael Leach

Abby Wong

Timothy Wong

Graycen Gardner

Andrea Church

Jordan Jones

Ashley Pei

Thornton Orchestra, Operations, and Production

Orchestra Manager

Orchestra Librarian

Head of Operations & Facilities

Head of Production & Events

Head of Technology

Production Coordinator

Operations Scheduling Coordinator

Mike Basak

Brent Anderson

Marvin Munson

Heather Pio Roda

Fred Othmer

Tori Nagle

Nathan Moon

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