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Production Crew

Projections Programmer


Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager


Technical Director

Lead Scenic Artist

Assistant Scenic Artist

Set Carpenters


Assistant Costume Designer

Costume Dressers

Props Master

Assistant Lighting Designer

Electrics Crew Chief & Master Electrician

Lighting Board Programmers


Lighting Board Operator

Theatrical Electricians


Lead Makeup and Hair Artist

Makeup and Hair Crew




Theatre Manager

Assistant Theatre Manager


Audio & Video Live Streaming Engineer

Production Photographer


Supertitles Operators

Sam Lopez


Chloe Willey

Sarah Costigan

Lexi Cruz


Christopher Hoffman

Lacey Lee Anzelc

Marley Oyen

Ben Altman

Alex Hathaway


Eileen Den Adel

Georgia Garcia

Kristina Moore


Kirk Graves

Kelsey Araghi

Paul Carson

Keegan Webber

Kaitlyn Allen

Grace Berry

Joseph Contreras

Stefanie St. John

William Foster



Courtney Heiser

Sarah Nuñes

Jessica Torres

Rachel Anderson

Michael Latimer

Chris Paci

Adam Borecki


Marth Benedict

Hannah Rice

Avantika Swaminathan

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